Welcome To Bangladeshi Student Union UK

As your student union BSU will provide you an excellent opportunity to live within a family, you will never suffer nostalgia once you are here though you left you everything at your back home, our mission is to make you familiarize with the maximum amenities of student life in the UK. Here, you will also receive a fantastic opening to explore your talent and expertise; we are promised to louder your coherent voice and make it heard at the every single corner of the world. Also BSU will be an integral part of your experience in the UK , our another task is to provider with your student life support through organization accommodation ,career advice ,immigration counseling, educational sustain, social and charity activities.

BSU exists is to serve its members, the students, in improving their experience of Student life, and providing development opportunities for them. In its current form, the Union is absolutely fit for that purpose. Over several years, the Trustees have been, and will be, taking tactical stepladder to steer the Union towards providing a much enhanced service to students.

We can guarantee that you will find it really helpful and will like BSU environment. Thousands of our members are desperately looking forward welcoming you to BSU.